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Located in the Case del Mar hotel which looks out over a beautiful sandy Pacific beach, Catch claims to be inspired by Southern Californian living. The centrepiece of this fine dining seafood and sushi restaurant is a mother of peal sushi bar. It is not cheap, and while some feel the prices are fair others have said that it is too expensive- one reviewer complained about the price of the ‘extras’ (teas, coffees and side dishes). Average price $30-$50 3.5 stars on Google.

They say...

We've created a whole new way to 'seefood'. Our Executive Chef, Michael Reardon, is always reinventing the fresh ingredients that coastal living has in abundance. He has created an amazing menu of Land and Sea offerings like Kurobuto Pork Loin and Crispy Skate Wing. Michaels signature sushi and crudo dishes are a divine exploration into raw cuisine.

We say...

As you would expect from a restaurant set inside a luxury hotel, Catch offers southern California-style fine dining with prices to match.The hotels is on the beach and the restaurant offers fantasic views of Santa Monica Bay. Executive chef Michael Reardon is "forever inspired by the fresh ingredients that coastal living has in abudance". Some of those ingredients include bluefin tuna, bigeye and Atlantic cod - three fish which appear on the IUCN list - so they may not be quite so abundant in future. The menu also offers albarcore, monkfish, freshwater eel and red snapper all of which are on the Seafood Watch list of fish to avoid. We couldn't find any trace of a sustainability policy on the online menu so this restaurant is awarded five red Fish which means it is not a restaurant we could eat in but you must make up your own mind.


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