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Sign our demand for urgent fisheries reforms in Europe

In January 2012 Maria Damanaki, the European Fisheries Commissioner, travelled to London to urge restaurants to support her proposals for reforming the Common Fisheries Policy.

Please read the following statement and, if you support it, press the 'I agree' button at the bottom and fill in the short form that it takes you to.

The Statement

We, the undersigned chefs and restaurateurs, would like to respond to Maria Damanaki’s challenge to support her proposals for the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy. We have a duty to our customers to provide sustainable seafood with full traceability and we note that the present European policy fails to do that in far too many ways.

So we call on decision-makers and policy-setters to ensure that the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) assists in the delivery of truly sustainable fishery products, and contributes to the long-term health of the marine environment. We want to see a policy that:

  • Is based on sound science so we don’t take out more than the seas can replenish.
  • Ensures priority is given to the most selective fishing practices in order to avoid discards, bringing to an end an appalling waste of natural resources
  • Prevents EU tax money from maintaining overcapacity of the fishing fleet and from subsidising the most environmentally damaging fishing practices
  • Ensures “eco-labelling” on fish products is clear and simple, allowing consumers and retailers to be well informed when making choices, and to ensure those choices improve the management of the oceans
  • Adheres to the same principles of good environmental stewardship regardless of where in the world the EU fleet operates.

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